Jury Awards $400K in Lawsuit Centered on MTBE Leak

A group of four families in the Baltimore, Maryland area were recently awarded almost $400 thousand to be paid by an oil company that a jury has held responsible for “polluting water wells with a hazardous gasoline additive.” Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), the additive found in the wells, is suspected to be a carcinogen. The Maryland Department of the Environment determined that a gas station in the area was the source of the contamination.  (Source: http://envfpn.advisen.com)

A Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) policy, in the name of the oil company, distribution company, and/or the owner of the gas station could provide coverage for on and off site clean-up of pollution conditions in soil and groundwater as well as any resulting third party bodily injury or property damage claims and associated legal defense. PLL coverage can also be amended to include coverage for Civil and Administrative Fines and Penalties as well as punitive damages, where allowable by law.

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