Former Coal Mining Site – Success Story

New Day recently worked with a major non-profit organization that purchased a 10,000 acre site located in West Virginia. Since the property is a former coal mining site, there were concerns over potential contaminants associated with past mining operations, so the client wanted protection through proper insurance coverage. Using limited environmental site assessment sampling analytical data, aerial photos, preliminary site development plans and other information, New Day worked directly with the insurance carrier, the retail broker, the insured and the carrier’s underwriting engineer in a team approach. New Day drew from its past remediation and field investigation experience and facilitated conversations in an effort to place a multiyear insurance policy with maximum coverage and minimal exclusions to protect the insured. Based on New Day’s experience and group conversations, exclusions in the policy were limited to the four known contaminants identified in the environmental site assessment report. In addition, once the structures are built on the site, mold coverage and business interruption coverage will be added to the policy.

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