Initial Testing Confirms Suspect Material in Chinese-Made Drywall

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that Chinese-made drywall, suspected of causing serious problems in homes in Florida, Louisiana and several other states, contains three materials not found in US-manufactured wallboard. The testing was done at the request of Senators from Florida and Louisiana, where investigations have been launched into complaints from homeowners whose drywall smells like rotten eggs, is causing corrosion of household appliances and wiring, and is believed to be creating health problems like asthma, headaches and insomnia. The EPA insists that further tests are needed to confirm whether the
Chinese-manufactured drywall is indeed the cause of these issues. The potential scope of the problem is significant. An estimated 36,000 homes in Florida are believed to contain the problematic material, with as many as an additional 100,000 homes nationwide impacted. In addition, much of the drywall used in post-Katrina construction in Louisiana was Chinese-made.

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