Pollution Coverage Quick Turnaround

New Day’s broker partner called one morning with an urgent request. A contractor client was unable to access a jobsite because they did not have the required pollution coverage. Using information provided by the broker, New Day quickly assessed the situation and provided the broker with a list of potential
carriers, an estimated premium and additional information requirements.

Following carrier selection by the broker, New Day immediately contacted the underwriter to ensure the appropriate coverage, price and turn-around could be accomplished. Within an hour, New Day submitted the necessary submission requirements, and a quote was promptly issued. Coverage and pricing terms were exactly where New Day and the underwriter had agreed they needed to be. New Day forwarded the quote and a proposal outlining its details to the broker. The bind order was sent to the underwriter that afternoon. With New Day’s expertise and efficiency at work, this broker was able to get their client out of a potentially disastrous jam and onto the jobsite.

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