Fire Suppression Water Spreads Chemical Contamination

Acknowledgement to XL Environmental

An explosion and a series of fires occurred at an XL insured’s chemical plant. The explosion occurred while workers were unloading chemicals from train cars. The fire department responded to the scene. Fire suppression water flowed one mile away onto an adjacent property, contaminating the adjacent location. Our insured sought recovery for costs and expenses that would be incurred for on-site and off-site remediation.

XL‘s environmental claims counsel and a technical consultant worked closely with our insured to manage the remediation of the insured’s property, as well as the adjacent property owner’s location. XL’s Environmental claims retained a qualified environmental remediation contractor to clean-up the contamination and an industrial hygienist to perform air monitoring activities.

Our insured’s Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability Policy paid over $550,000 in associated costs and expenses with respect to this release on behalf of our insured.

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