Highly Toxic Chemical Spilled During Transfer

Acknowledgement to XL Environmental

Workers at an XL insured’s chemical blending facility were transferring a highly toxic chemical, p nitro aniline (PNA), from 55-gallon drums into 2,000 lb. super sacks. During the transfer, an estimated 500 lbs. of this chemical was spilled, exposing the workers, the insured’s property and neighboring properties to the hazardous chemical.

As the release of a hazardous chemical occurred as a result of the insured’s workers’ handling of the chemical, our insured was responsible for the associated clean-up costs and expenses. XL claims quickly responded to the incident, hiring local defense counsel to coordinate activities with our insured. XL’s environmental technical consultant worked with the insured and defense counsel to oversee the remediation, including the retention of an environmental remediation contractor to perform the decontamination and soil excavation activities occurring on the insured’s property, clean-up of neighboring properties and long-term site monitoring.

Our insured’s Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability Policy paid $1,500,000 in associated costs with respect to this release to resolve the claims for our insured.

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