Hydrogen Fluoride Release at Petroleum Refinery

Acknowledgement to XL Environmental

An XL-insured petroleum refinery experienced an explosion while activating an alkylation unit at the refinery. Approximately 4,900 pounds of hydrogen fluoride were released and 90,000 pounds of hydrofluoric acid were generated. The local fire department responded, using water to extinguish the fire and suppress the acid from
migrating off-site.

XL’s environmental claims counsel and a technical consultant handled the claim for our insured. The USEPA conducted air monitoring and did not detect a release of hazardous substances off-site. Thus, remediation costs were limited to on-site. Property damage alone was estimated at $5,000,000.

The insured’s Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability Policy responded to the claim. XL’s claims counsel worked closely with our insured in managing the remediation activities.

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