Vacuum Hose Failure During Fuel Tank Cleaning

Acknowledgement to XL Environmental

An XL insured environmental services contractor was hired to perform tank cleaning services by their client, an industrial facility. While undertaking those services, a four (4) inch hose connected to the insured’s vacuum truck failed. Forty gallons of fuel oil was released onto the ground and flowed into an adjacent waterway.

The insured contacted the XL ONCALL service (a free emergency spill response hotline) following the release. XL’s environmental technical consultant worked with the insured to coordinate a timely response to the spill. A local, experienced environmental remediation firm was sent to the scene to respond to the release, undertake the remediation efforts, interact with and coordinate with the insured’s client and the U.S. Department of Fish and Game on the insured’s behalf.

XL’s Environmental claims technical consultant managed the clean-up efforts from the initial ONCALL contact through the completion of the remediation process. The insured’s Contractor’s Pollution Legal Liability Policy paid $250,000 for all costs and expenses associated with the release.

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