Illegally Dumped Metals Cause Contamination

Illegally Dumped Metals Cause Contamination

Acknowledgement to Great American

A dental practice operating within a large commercial/ residential condo building illegally dumped metals, including mercury, down various drains within their rented office unit for several years. The dumping was discovered during a routine state inspection and an environmental assessment company was hired by the building owner to assess the extent of the contamination.

An extensive remediation program was undertaken for two years which required the removal and replacement of a substantial amount of the buildings 1st floor plumbing. Additionally, indoor air quality sampling and testing was performed over this time period to assess the potential for mercury contamination within the entire habitational and non-habitational areas of the building. Since mercury was found throughout the building, many of the tenants filed suit against the dental practice and the building owner for 3rd party bodily injury due to exposure to volatilized mercury.

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