Fire at Warehouse Containing HAZMATS

Acknowledgement to Great American

A fire occurred in the middle of the night at a warehouse facility. Responders to the fire discovered heavy smoke settling over a nearby residential community. It was determined that various hazardous materials were stored in the warehouse and that vapors from the fire could present a health hazard. Residents were advised to stay in their homes. Hazmat responders set up containment to capture runoff from the fire suppression water and to conduct air monitoring. After the fire was extinguished, testing revealed that contamination was present in the soils beneath and around the warehouse as a result of the contaminated fire suppression water. Further investigation and subsequent clean-up activities were required. Several claims alleging bodily injury due to inhalation of toxic fumes from the fire were also filed by nearby residents. The warehouse owner also incurred additional expenses associated with the defense and settlement.

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