New Day Finds Coverage for Insured’s Non-Renewed Coverage

Two years ago, our partner broker called us in a panic as their insured was not being renewed due to losses from their carrier who provided Professional/Pollution coverage. The retail broker obtained a 30 day extension while New Day sought solutions in the marketplace. One carrier agreed to offer Professional/Pollution terms. Coverage was bound with that carrier in 2008. In both 2009 and 2010, the insured and the retail broker decided to demonstrate some loyalty to the carrier who stepped up in 2008 and agreed to have New Day validate the renewal terms and the policy was renewed without marketing the coverage. It was a show of gratitude and loyalty, which has been rewarded by the carrier with a lower rate at this most recent renewal. 

The insured realizes they need to establish a few years of a solid relationship with a carrier, which ultimately benefits them by making themselves a more desirable insured to potential carriers. This is especially true in such a small marketplace such as the one for the combined Professional/Pollution market.

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