“Pigeon Dung” Case Goes to Mediation

A group of courthouse workers in Pennsylvania went to mediation for the second time over a claim that the workers’ “health was jeopardized by the company hired to remove tons of pigeon dung from the courthouse beginning in 2004.” The suit claims that the environmental firm involved was negligent in the manner in which it cleaned up the pigeon dung exposing the workers to “significant amounts of toxins” and causing them to “suffer a variety of illnesses and symptoms affecting their lungs, respiratory systems, eyes, neurological systems and other bodily organs and systems.” One of the attorneys representing the workers doubted if a settlement would be reached and expected the case to go to trial. The environmental firm says that its methods were “all appropriate.” (Source: http://fpn.advisen.com)

A Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL) policy in this claim may help the environmental firm defend the suit and may apply to the bodily injury claims.

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