Companies to Pay $28 Million for Polluting Bayou


Two companies have recently agreed to pay approximately $28 million to clean up a polluted bayou as well as settle environmental claims. The settlement includes cleanup of a portion of a bayou, past damage to an estuary, and restoration to a wildlife refuge. The final details of the agreement are being finalized but the agreement will eventually settle both federal and state pollution claims against the two companies.

In this scenario, a Pollution Legal Liability policy may help to mitigate the loss. Most commercial facilities have environmental exposures, especially those that involve chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Some of the benefits to having a pollution policy in place may include:

  • Pro-active risk control services by the pollution insurance carrier to help mitigate potential exposures
  • Emergency response network of contractors, consultants, public relations firms, attorneys who are all well versed in addressing environmental incidents
  • Having the insurance company provide and/or direct the initial and ongoing claims process (rather than leaving it up to a manufacturer to flip through the yellow pages to obtain help)

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