BRIEF: Eight more defendants in Superfund suit pay to settle claims

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA), March 1, 2011
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Eight more defendants in a federal lawsuit over a Western Pennsylvania Superfund site have agreed to pay about $1.4 million to settle the government’s claims against them, according to a proposed consent order the Environmental Protection Agency filed yesterday.

The 1997 lawsuit involves the Breslube-Penn Inc. oil recycling center in Moon that was abandoned in 1986. In 2009, 36 of the defendants agreed to pay $12 million to clean up soil and groundwater contamination and another $3 million to reimburse the EPA and state for money the government had spent on the site.

The new agreement settles the lawsuit against eight other defendants, who agree to pay $607,744 to the government and $790,668 to a cleanup trust fund set up by the other defendants.

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