Product Highlight: Contractor’s Professional Liability

Product Highlight: Contractor’s Professional Liability

In the past two years the marketplace for Contractor’s Professional Liability insurance (CPrL) has changed substantially – new carriers have entered the market, new coverages have been created, and new exposures have been identified. As a result, proper customization of your construction client’s CPrL program has become an even greater challenge. This is a task, however, that New Day Underwriting Managers has the expertise to make easier and significantly less challenging!

New Day has been effectively assisting brokers for over six years in obtaining optimal solutions to address the needs of insureds requiring Contractor’s Professional Liability insurance and related risk management services. Whether it’s securing the optimal insurance solution, providing perspective on the marketplace and the available products or instructing a seminar on construction professional liability risk, New Day stands out as an invaluable resource in a very technical field of insurance. New Day has assisted many of the ENR Top 400 Construction Firms with CPrL insurance and/or related risk management services.

Talk to us about some of the newer developments in the marketplace, such as:

  • First party mitigation of damages coverage
  • First party protective indemnity coverage
  • LEED warranty coverage
  • BIM extra expense coverage
  • Combining Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) coverage with CPrL

New Day has successfully customized CPrL programs to meet the changing needs and risks of all types of construction firms. We encourage you to contact our staff, which includes professional engineers, geologists, attorneys and environmental engineers. Allow the New Day team to provide some insight into the world of Contractor’s Professional Liability insurance for your contractors.

For more information about Contractor’s Professional Liability or any of the products offered by New Day, please contact Jeff Slivka, Executive Vice President and Construction Practice leader at 609-298-3516 ext. 102 or at We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our extensive risk management expertise can help ensure that you are offering your clients the protection they need to ensure the livelihood of their business.

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