Product Highlight: Healthcare Coverage With Chartis NextGen ProtectionSM

Product Highlight: Healthcare Coverage With Chartis NextGen ProtectionSM

New Day Underwriting Managers has always made it a priority to keep its broker partners educated on the vast number of environmental and construction-related professional liability products available in the marketplace. As part of this priority, throughout 2011 New Day will issue Product Highlights to our broker partners. This is the first in a series that will highlight some of the products offered in Chartis Environmental’s NextGen ProtectionSM program. These products offer “enhanced coverage targeted to specific industry classes facing potential exposure to environmental liability.”

PLL Wellness ProtectSM

Hazardous materials handling, facility management and medical waste disposal are just some of the environmental exposures that a healthcare organization may face. If these risks are not properly addressed, the organization may expose itself to environmental liability claims that likely would not be covered by a general liability policy. Chartis’ PLL Wellness ProtectSM is a policy geared to the unique risks facing the healthcare industry.

Features and Benefits of PLL Wellness ProtectSM

  • Coverage solution is tailored to the environmental risks that are faced by the healthcare sector
  • USTs can be scheduled by endorsement to the policy. Unknown or phantom tanks are covered in the policy form.
  • Coverage is available for the clean-up of unknown Pollution Conditions.
  • The policy specifically addresses a variety of indoor air quality exposures including microbial matter (mold) and Legionella pneumophila.
  • Clean-up costs are now included for viruses or bacteria as required by the local health department or Center for Disease Control.
  • Microbial matter (mold) is included in the definition of Pollution Condition. Coverage for clean-up, bodily injury and business interruption is included in the form.
  • Emergency response costs allow an insured to quickly respond to a pollution condition that requires immediate action before they receive a written claim from a regulatory agency.
  • Coverage is offered for Waste Disposal Activities including illicit abandonment of waste by third party transporter.
  • CrisisResponse® coverage may mitigate the impact of and expedite recovery from a loss arising from a crisis management event.

The above is only a brief overview of Chartis’ PLL Wellness ProtectSM product. The information contained above has been provided by New Day Underwriting Managers LLC for general discussion purposes. The information is not offered for the purpose of providing exact coverage terms or conditions. Policies should be reviewed to understand all coverage terms and conditions.

For more information about Chartis’ PLL Wellness ProtectSM or any of the other products from the quality carriers that offer similar solutions for healthcare clients, contact John Heft at 609.298.3516 ext. 105 or to obtain an indication from Chartis, or any of the many quality carriers with whom we work. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our extensive risk management expertise can help ensure that you are offering your clients the protection they need to guarantee the livelihood of their business.

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