New Day Negotiates Enhanced Coverage At No Additional Cost

New Day was asked by one of our clients to assess a combined Pollution Liability (PL)/ Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL) program for an international construction firm which they controlled. New Day provided the assessment to the client and discussed the major issues including, among others:

  • Lack of occurrence-based CPL coverage
  • Lack of rectification coverage
  • Lack of non-owned disposal site (NODS) coverage

New Day was given access to the incumbent carrier in order to address these issues. Our effort was not to focus on marketing the program but rather to bring the program up-to-date. The incumbent carrier was able to offer the appropriate coverage and was a sound and stable company. Therefore, New Day negotiated with that carrier to deliver our broker client and the insured a substantially broader program that included the enhancements mentioned above for the same cost of the expiring program. This process convinced the insured to continue with our client as the broker and prevented competition on the program.

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