Pollution coverage for the Food & Beverage Industry from XL Group

Pollution coverage for the Food & Beverage Industry from XL Group

Source: XL Environmental eNews, March 5, 2013

Can your clients in the Food and Beverage industry afford to shut down their operations in the event of a pathogen (viral, bacterial, fungus) outbreak and its accompanying media attention? Pollution claims associated with these exposures can be costly and time consuming. In order to address these exposures, XL Group introduces the Environmental Food and Beverage Policy  with endorsements tailored specifically for the Food and Beverage industry.

Our new policy includes enhancements to the Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability Policy from XL Group, a trusted market with over 25 years experience in providing environmental coverages to your insureds.


  • disinfection expense
  • disaster response expense

Standard Coverage:

  • cleanup costs;
  • third-party bodily injury and property damage; and
  • legal defense expense claims

These coverages are designed to make it easier for you to be sure that your Food and Beverage clients have the pollution protection they need.

Let us show you how we can provide a secure, long-term environmental risk management foundation for your Food and Beverage clients.


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