Chemical Spills in Delaware River, 2 Hurt

Chemical Spills in Delaware River, 2 Hurt

Source:, March 18, 2013
By: Dan Stamm

About 50 gallons of chemical Phenol spills into river

Chemical Spills in Delaware River, 2 Hurt

About 50 gallons of a chemical spilled into the Delaware River overnight leaving two people hospitalized.

Firefighters responded to the Kinder Morgan plant at 3300 N Delaware Avenue in the industrial area of the Port Richmond section of the city late Sunday after 50 gallons of Phenol leaked, according to the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Two workers were transported to Hahnemann Hospital in stable condition after being exposed to the chemical, said Philadelphia Fire Department Executive Chief Richard Davison.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Phenol is a multi-purpose chemical used in everything from construction and automobile equipment to the manufacturing of nylon. Exposure to the chemical can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

Hazmat crews remained on the scene into the early morning hours Monday. After about two hours the spill was contained, Davison said.

It’s still unclear if the EPA will investigate the spill.

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