Fuel company cited for October gas leak in southwest Roanoke

Fuel company cited for October gas leak in southwest Roanoke

Source: http://www.roanoke.com, August 7, 2017
By: Laurence Hammack

State regulators have cited a fuel distributor for an underground gas leak at a Grandin Road convenience store that caused the evacuation of about 15 homes in October.

Conny Oil Inc. of Roanoke will pay a fine of $19,425 as part of an agreement with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

The company owns and operates underground gas storage tanks at the Grandin Road BP, which was determined to be the source of a leak Oct. 8, according to a recent consent order posted to DEQ’s website.

Roanoke officials learned of the spill after residents reported smelling gas vapors in their homes and in the storm water sewer system.

As part of an emergency response that lasted about 12 hours, homes and at least one business near Grandin Road and Guilford Avenue were evacuated, power to the neighborhood was shut off and several streets were closed while crews worked to flush and vent the system.

DEQ officials estimated that less than 100 gallons of gas was released.

According to an investigation by the agency, gauges on one of the underground storage tanks indicated problems dating back to May 2016 — with “WARN” and “FAIL” status reports and no indication that Conny Oil officials took steps to investigate a possible leak, the consent order stated.

Officials from Conny Oil could not be reached Monday.

But the company accepted responsibility in the agreement with DEQ. In addition to paying the fine and working to clean up the damage, the company has decided to close the underground storage tank “after much investigation and cost,” the consent order stated.

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