Federal lawsuit filed over PFOA contamination

Federal lawsuit filed over PFOA contamination

Source: https://www.news10.com, January 24, 2019

A new federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a couple in Hoosick Falls over PFOA contamination. Lisa and Michael Schneider are listed as defendants in this case against Saint Gobain and Honeywell, the two companies being held responsible for the water and ground contamination, along with manufacturing company, DuPont as well as 3M.

Lisa has been diagnosed with thyroid disease, allegedly due to exposure to the toxic chemical. The complaint alleges that these companies knew about the harmful effects for decades and failed to warn residents, failed to contain the chemicals to its respective properties, and gross negligence.

Due to his wife’s illness, Michael Schneider is claiming spousal damages, alleging that because of gross negligence, he has, “Been caused to lose the comfort, companionship, society, services and consortium caused by the illness and injuries his spouse has suffered.”

They are seeking a jury trial, and compensation for damages including medical costs, property damage and attorney fees.

You can read the entire lawsuit here.

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