Parchment suing 3M for PFAS contamination

Parchment suing 3M for PFAS contamination

Source:, May 13, 2019
By: John McNeill

New revelations suggest that 3M, the giant Minnesota conglomerate that produced PFOS, knew for decades that it might be toxic, but covered it up.

Documents revealed in a Detroit Free Press story suggest that internal company tests as far back as the 1950’s revealed it was causing disease in lab animals, that the company kept from the EPA and the public.

Detroit Attorney Nicholas Coulson, who is representing Parchment and others in a class action lawsuit against 3M and Georgia Pacific says its nasty stuff, that can cause cancer, high cholesterol and a number of other health issues.

He says a paper trail of internal documents found by Minnesota’s Attorney General shows there was a cover-up at 3M..

The chemicals, which do not break-down in the environment, have been used in everything from Gore-Tex, to Teflon, to Scotch Gard. It’s been used to make everything from shoes to sandwich wraps to popcorn bags.

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