Pig intestines cause traffic delays in downtown Kansas City

Pig intestines cause traffic delays in downtown Kansas City

Source: https://www.kctv5.com, July 11, 2019
By: David Harris, Savannah Rudicel

Piles of animal product littered the highway for hours. People walking around downtown Thursday morning saw, and smelled, what was left of the spilled pig intestines along Interstate 670.

“It made me gag the first time I smelled it,” Marisa Deitrich, resident, said.

“It’s pretty pungent with a twang to it. It’s foul,” Jesse White, onlooker, said laughing.

From Chopper 5, you can see the mess stretched out a few hundred feet.

From the ground, you can see it all up close.

All lanes of westbound Interstate 670 past 71 Highway were blocked.

Police said they don’t know how the guts spilled out of the trailer, but there wasn’t a wreck.

“I live in northwest Pennsylvania, so I’m used to seeing them plow snow, but not pig intestines,” Jake Welsh, onlooker, said.

So how did crews try to cut the mess and the smell? Sawdust and powdered soap. It helped. But KCTV5 News found out first hand, it wasn’t a perfect solution.

If you’re wondering where all of that spillage went, MoDOT said the company transporting the load came back to shovel it away.

MoDOT said the traffic backup Thursday morning was at least three miles down Interstate 70. You can see more of the video from Chopper 5 on KCTV5’s Facebook page.

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