With over 150 different products offered by the environmental insurance marketplace, it could be a difficult endeavor to steer through the market to find the “right” product with the “right” coverage at the “right” price, let alone wrap that product with the appropriate risk management services.  One of RT New Day’s strategic goals is to take a difficult task and simplify it.

We’ve boiled down all products offered by the market broad categories to help you identify your need. Below is a brief description of the products available from RT New Day:

Combined Commercial General Liability/Pollution Legal Liability (CGL/PLL)

Coverage combining traditional Commercial Legal Liability with Pollution Legal Liability for various types of manufacturing risks.

Pollution Legal Liability (PLL)

Coverage for real estate, property or fixed sites including both third-party liability and first party onsite clean up for pollution on, at, under or emanating from a covered location. PLL is designed to protect any entity (from Airports to Zinc plants) that owns real estate or is looking to acquire or divest property.  Mold and other airborne contaminants are included in PLL coverage.

Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL)

Coverage for pollution conditions arising from any type of contracting activities.  CPL is for any type of contractor – roofing to remediation, general construction to environmental remediation (including asbestos, lead and mold abatement).  Project-specific or blanket policies.  Mold liability available for all risks.