Lowry Air Force Base

November 29, 2010

Role Models: How Former Military Bases are Effectively Addressing Environmental Liability to Take Advantage of Real Estate Opportunities

Acknowledgement to XL Environmental

By Bob Hallenbeck, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Environmental Group

Since the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1988, almost 200 military bases have been shuttered, mothballed, closed. Fortunately, while the military activities has long ceased, many closed military bases have not sat idle. Closed Bergstrom Air Force Base, near Austin, Texas was transformed into an international, commercial airport that brings in $1.8 billion annually into the community and created 37,500 jobs. The Former Philadelphia Navy Yard currently houses docks for ship building, a cruise terminal, a corporate park and historic district. In Lubbock, Texas, the former Reese Air Force Base is now Reese Technology Center, home to several biotechnology firms. The Village of Glenview, Illinois — once home to Glenview Naval Air Station — established The Glen, a 1,121 acre mixed-use district, with new homes, offices, two golf course and retail space.…