April 23, 2013

More Mercury Found at WA site

Read here about costs that are mounting at an old mill site in Bellingham, WA as a result of more mercury being found than expected.


April 27, 2011

Study outlines mercury dangers to children

Source:  The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 9, 2009
By: Jan Heffler

The now-shuttered Kiddie Kollege Day Care in Gloucester County is not the only place where children have inhaled poisonous mercury vapors, according to a national study.

Children were exposed to the vapors in hundreds of cases over a six-year period ended in 2007. Fourteen incidents detailed in the study were classified as public-health hazards, including the Franklinville day care.

In the Kiddie Kollege case, as many as 100 children and babies breathed mercury vapors from 2002 to 2004 after a bankrupt thermometer factory was converted into a day care without a proper cleanup.…

September 3, 2010

Illegally Dumped Metals Cause Contamination

Acknowledgement to Great American

A dental practice operating within a large commercial/ residential condo building illegally dumped metals, including mercury, down various drains within their rented office unit for several years. The dumping was discovered during a routine state inspection and an environmental assessment company was hired by the building owner to assess the extent of the contamination.

An extensive remediation program was undertaken for two years which required the removal and replacement of a substantial amount of the buildings 1st floor plumbing. Additionally, indoor air quality sampling and testing was performed over this time period to assess the potential for mercury contamination within the entire habitational and non-habitational areas of the building. Since mercury was found throughout the building, many of the tenants filed suit against the dental practice and the building owner for 3rd party bodily injury due to exposure to volatilized mercury.…