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August 6, 2013

MO Superfund Site to Be Cleaned Up

Read here about an old carburetor factory in St. Louis that has been approved for a $30 million clean up.


April 10, 2013

TN Metals Recycler Sued

Read here about a lawsuit that has been brought against metals recycler in Nashville, Tennessee.


April 10, 2013

Grasse River Cleanup Approved

Read here about the approval of a $243 million cleanup that has been approved for the Grasse River in New York.


December 28, 2012

Cleanup Plan Proposed for NY Canal

Read here about a $400 million cleanup plan that has been proposed for a canal in New York City.


December 20, 2012

Fracking Health Study Sought in NY

Read here about environmental groups in New York who are seeking release of details from a fracking health study.


March 17, 2011

Tampa Bay Water, reservoir engineer reach settlement

Source: Tampa Bay Online, February 21, 2011

The region’s water supplier settled today with the general contractor of its faulty reservoir but will continue to pursue a lawsuit against the engineering company that designed the 15-billion gallon structure.

The settlement approved by Tampa Bay Water’s board calls for contractor Barnard Construction and subcontractor McDonald Construction Corp. to pay $750,000 before the case goes to trial. The company also could be liable for up to $5 million, depending on the outcome of the case.

Tampa Bay Water will continue its case against HDR Engineering, the company that designed the massive, above-ground reservoir in southeastern Hillsborough County.

The regional utility is suing to recover some of the $125 million estimated cost to fix cracks in the soil cement covering over the sides and bottom of the reservoir. The reservoir cost $140 million to build.…

January 26, 2011

Verdicts & Settlements January 16, 2011: Car dealer loses suit against cheese factory

Publication Date 01/16/2011
Source: Missouri Lawyers Media
Posted on:

A jury awarded nothing to a company that claimed property damage from a nearby manufacturing plant.

DairiConcepts LP produces cheese and dairy products in El Dorado Springs.

Across the street on U.S. Highway 54 is Fugate Motors, a Ford and Chrysler dealership. Fugate Motors claimed property damage to its building and vehicles from emissions from the plant.

“This unfolded over a 10-year period,” said DairiConceptsĀ attorney Bryan O. Wade of Husch Blackwell in Springfield.

Nuisance claims have a 10-year statute of limitations, he said.

Plaintiff Fugate Motors made claims for trespassing, nuisance, general negligence and punitive damages and demanded $1.8 million. DairiConcepts made no offers.…

July 22, 2010

City Agrees to Conduct Study On Risks of PCBs in Schools

The New York Times (1/20/10) via Advisen

New York City school officials have agreed to assess the environmental risks posed by PCBs in school buildings and to come up with a plan for cleanups and for reducing potential exposure, federal officials said Tuesday.Ā  Read more.